Complete Information About Half Anna Coin

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Complete Information About Half Anna Coin

All About Half Anna Coin

Welcome once again to the city of coins (, today we will talk about “Half Anna” coins. In this post you will get complete information about half anna coin. Also, if you have a half anna coin and want to sell it, then through this post you will be able to get information about where and how to sell it, as well as what is the current price of your precious coins today.

We have talked about Anna coins in the previous post “One Anna Coins”. In that post we talked about it in detail so in this post we will come directly to the Half Anna coin. Half anna coins were minted from 1950 to 1954, shortly after India’s independence, and are extremely rare today. Further in this post, the structure, shape, size and actual value of Half Anna coin is discussed, so stay tuned till the end of this post.

Let us tell you that Anna value post stamps were issued by the Government of British India as well as many princely states during the British Raj, but these Anna value postage stamps were issued by India only till the decimalization of currency after independence. They went.

Face ValueHalf Anna (₹ 1/32)
Year of Launch1950 – 1955
MetalCoper – Nickel
Weight2.92 g
Diameter19.5 mm
Fine Condition Value10,000 – 75,000

If you also have these coins and they are in good condition then congratulations, you are going to get a huge amount in your pocket because in today’s auction you can get up to Rs 75,000 for one coin.

Now if we talk about half anna, these coins were issued between 1950 and 1955, immediately after India’s independence. These coins are also very rare and are seen only with very few people. Made of copper and nickel metal, the weight of these coins was 2.92 grams. These coins had a picture of the Ashoka Pillar on one side and a bull on the other side.

In 1950, coins minted at the Bombay Mint are now worth up to Rs 25,000 in UNC condition and coins minted at the Calcutta Mint are worth up to Rs 60000 in UNC condition. Coins minted at the Bombay Mint in 1955 can be valued up to Rs 50,000 in UNC condition.

Coins minted at the Bombay Mint are identified by the diamond symbol on them and coins minted at the Calcutta Mint are identified by the absence of any symbol on the coins.

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FAQs – Complete Information About Half Anna Coin

Who buys old coins?

As difficult as it is to get rare and old coins, it is even more difficult to sell those coins at the right place because whether offline or online, everywhere is full of fraudsters who are looking to swindle your precious coins. But you do not need to panic, here we are telling you about the real and genuine buyers who will buy your coins from you at a reasonable price.
Here are some options for buyers who sell your valuable coins:
Auction house
Coin collector
Online platform
Local market

How can I sell my old coins?

If you have any historical, rare, monumental, antique etc. coins and you are looking for the right way to sell them which not many people know about, then rest assured that through this post you will get complete information.
You can earn huge amount of money by selling your old coins and notes through online or offline medium as there are many options available today like coin dealers, coin collectors, auctions and e-commerce companies etc. You can earn good money by selling your precious coins to these people.

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