Complete Information About Ten Naya Paisa Coin

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Complete Information About Ten Naya Paisa Coin

All About Ten Naya Paisa (दस नया पैसा) Coin

Welcome once again to the city of coins (, today we will talk about “Ten Naya Paisa” coins. In this post, you will get complete information about the Ten Naya Paisa coin. Also, if you have any Ten Naya Paisa coin and want to sell it then we have tried our best to provide you complete information about where and how to sell it through this post. Along with this, you will also be able to know today’s real value of the old coin.

Face Value10 Naya
Year of Launch1957 – 1963
MetalCopper – Nickel
ShapeEight Scalloped
Diameter23 mm
Fine Condition Value5,000 – 1,75,000

Now let’s talk about 10 Naya Paisa issued in 1957, these coins are extremely rare and valuable. The coin is 23mm in size and made of copper and nickel metal. These coins had the image of the Ashoka Pillar on one side and the symbol of 10 naya paisa on the other side.

Anna and Naya paisa coins were taken out of circulation after the introduction of the decimal system and paisa in 1957. But even today the demand for these coins is very high for coin collectors.

The era of Anna coins could not last long as the decimal system was introduced in India on 1 April 1957. After the introduction of the decimal system and currency, Anna coins ceased to be in circulation and new money coins came into existence. But it was called ‘Naya Paisa’ only till June 1, 1964, after which the word ‘Naya’ was dropped from Naya Paisa and only Paisa remained in circulation.

In this post, we are sharing complete information about “the Ten Naya Paisa” coin as well as links to complete information about all other Naya Paisa coins.
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FAQs – Complete Information About Ten Naya Paisa Coin

Where can I sell my rare and old coins and how can I know the real value of my historical and old coins?

If you have any historical, rare, monumental, antique etc. coins and you are looking for the right way to sell them which not many people know about, then rest assured that through this post you will get complete information.
You can sell your old coins and notes online or offline as there are many options available today like coin dealers, auctions and e-commerce companies etc.
So let us know about some important methods of buying and selling old coins through which you will be able to buy and sell old coins instantly:
E-commerce Platform
Coin Exhibition
Coin Auction
Coin Collector
Local Market

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