Complete Information About Ten Paisa Steel Coin 1988 – 1998

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Complete Information About Ten Paisa Steel Coin

Actual Value of Ten Paisa Steel Coin

Welcome once again to the city of coins (, today we will talk about “Ten Paise” coins. Actually, from the year 1964 to 1998, four types of ten paise coins were minted. In which the first coin was made of Copper and Nickel metal, the second coin was made of Nickel and Brass metal, the third was made of Aluminium and Magnesium metal and the fourth coin was made of Stainless Steel metal. Through this post, we will only talk about the steel coins minted between the years 1988 to 1998 and get complete information about ten paise steel coins. stainless steel coins came into existence for the first time in India in 1988.

If you have any ten paisa coins and want to sell them, then we have provided you with complete information about where and how to sell them through this post. Along with important information, you will also be able to know today’s actual value of this old coin.

Face Value10 Paisa
Year of Launch1988
MetalStainless Steel
Weight2 g
Diameter16 mm
Fine Condition Value50,000 – 5,00,000

The ten paisa coin is a former denomination of the Indian rupee. Whose 1 coin was equal to 1⁄10 of the Indian rupee. Stainless steel coins came into existence for the first time in 1988. The last edition coin of 10 paise was minted between 1988 and 1998. The 10 paisa coin was minted in all Indian government mints (Bombay, Hyderabad, Noida and Calcutta) and also at the Ottawa Mint in Canada. Mumbai Mint coins have a mint mark ⧫ (diamond/dot), Noida Mint coins have a mint mark °(small hollow dot) and Hyderabad Mint coins have a star (*) while Kolkata Mint coins have no mint mark.

On one side of these coins, there is a picture of Ashoka Pillar with Satyamev Jayate (सत्यमेव जयते)and on the other side of the coin, 10 paise is written. Made of Stainless Steel, the weight of these coins was 2 grams. The coin was round-shaped and had a diameter of 16 mm.

NOTE:– Some 10 paisa coins in 1988 and 1989 had errors, with “Marat (मारत) instead of Bharat (भारत)” printed on the reverse of some 10 paisa coins. Due to this error, these coins have become extremely rare and valuable, whose price today can be up to Rs 5 lakh.

Due to their rarity, these coins are in great demand among coin collectors. If these coins are available and in good condition then you can get Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000 for them, but if your coins are in good condition then you can get lakhs of rupees for them. The value of these coins also depends on which year and from which Indian mint these coins were issued.

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FAQs – Complete Information About Ten Paisa Steel Coin

What is the real value of a 10 paise coin?

The price of 10 paise coins depends on the mint and year in which they were minted. Some of these coins are highly valued, such as the Hyderabad Mint coins of 1964 and the Noida Mint coins of 1988 being the most valuable, with prices ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000.

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